Officially Back

*WARNING* This post is text and image heavy! 🙂

Hi again!

It has been ages since I sat down and wrote a proper blog entree, I feel there is much explaining to do. Two major things have happened in my life, I got married and moved to Turkey and I lost my phone. Okay, so maybe they’re not equally major but losing a phone for someone who’s a social media addict like me is quite tragic!

My wedding took place August 8th 2014 and was truly amazing. I know people always say that their wedding was amazing, but mine really was. It was relaxed, beautiful and so much fun. My dress was made by my husband’s (still getting used to saying that) family friend and although was not exactly what I had wanted was still gorgeous and honestly, on the night it made no difference! I had a gorgeous fresh flower crown and the most gorgeous shoes (which I actually bought two days before the wedding!!)

Everyone always asks me how I feel now that I’m married, and my answer is always “it feels normal”. Although I feel happy and excited to start my new life with my gorgeous Turkish man, I feel like nothing really has changed in our relationship except that sometimes people call me Mrs. Karasu. But I do love waking up to him every morning and going to sleep with him by my side.  🙂

As for moving to Turkey, I’ll save that for another post!


10609676_571150414722_112706449053613278_n 10644894_571150354842_6915875939822763160_n 10606433_571153199142_982239459374921719_n 10600379_571151607332_5581028615789457177_n 10468680_571153543452_3649316732638863448_n 10636174_571153423692_6329032048675261741_n 10606358_571154042452_6348494738079344778_n

 Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.00.28 PM


Shoes from Erol – Turkey



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