The Model Life


Ok well perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself with that title!

Yesterday was a super exciting day! A week ago I saw post on Instagram from an online shop in the UAE called Namshi. (Namshi an online website which is slowly becoming the ASOS of this region! They provide stylish clothes from brands like Glamorous, Ginger, Ella, Finders Keepers and more at quite an affordable price.) As a regular online shopper it was only natural that I started ordering from them! I think my first order from them was a pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas so it’s safe to say that I am a fan!

Well anyway I saw this post:

20140722-015714 pm-50234716.jpg

They were looking for someone to be the face of the Plus Size range that slowly has been growing on the website. I thought that it would be a fun experience but I NEVER thought I’d actually get it. I’m quite short and have zero modeling experience but regardless I chose some random instagram shots, selfies, full length and sent them in. A few days later I got an e-mail saying they wanted me!! I was so excited! We organized a date and time and then I began to get nervous while I waited for the days to pass.

Well yesterday was the day, and it was an amazing experience!! Getting my hair and make up done, wearing all these outfits. I’m so used to being on the other side that at first I felt super self conscious. Eventually I got really into it and began to feel confident and beautiful. I think it’s a great thing that more and more websites and online fashion retailers are catering to plus sizes, and not only that but are presenting a nice selection of fashion forward clothing for curvy ladies.

I had a great time (and so did my sister who came along for moral support and to take some behind the scenes shots – Pics are below)! I also recieved a voucher for Namshi so I’ll be ordering some gorgeous clothes soon!

Stay tuned for a Namshi Haul post but in the meantime, check them out yourself.

20140722-020559 pm-50759572.jpg


20140722-020559 pm-50759250.jpg


About Nadia

Super happy twenty-something who loves fashion, beauty, fitness and life. :)
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One Response to The Model Life

  1. Altamash says:

    love it ! Can’t wait to see the final pics do post them up !

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